CSR Initiative-Environment Friendly Waterless Urinals

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AG Aqua Solutions is the sister concern of Chindia Trades (P) Ltd., a 25 year young organization which deals specifically into environment friendly Innovative products. AG Aqua started its operation in 2009, with cartridge/chemical free zero maintenance waterless urinal in its portfolio, and water conservation in its mind, and did a pilot project with MCD. The pilot project turned out to be a huge success and that pared Ag Aqua’s way towards Commonwealth Games 2010, by installing numerous waterless urinals across Delhi.

Currently AG Aqua has more than 200 supporters for its cause, which includes Govt., large and small corporate, educational institutes, manufacturing units and AG Aqua has a country wide Network of Associates. Presently, AG Aqua has added another contemporary product in its portfolio – Low Flow Water Closet, which is again an innovative, hygienic and cost effective proposition of water conservation.

AG Aqua follows the motto – Save Water – Save Earth and requires your kind self to support us in our cause.

Brief- AG Aqua Solutions launched Water less Urinals (Urinals with no water usage) for the first time in India

Objective- To aware people about Kupple Water less Urinals thereby reducing wastage of water and promoting usage of water saving products

Communication: Introducing the Product variety along with its Benefits thereby defining the concept of waterless urinals predicting the need for consultation in terms of Customization & Usage.

Target Audience- B2B as well as B2C

Communication Strategies- We highlighted product benefits in terms of water conservation (Waterless urinals can save on an average 1000 ltrs of water a day) as well as its Hygienic factors. We highlighted experiences of those organizations where AG Aqua Solutions product were installed including Delhi Metro

Our Role & Impact on the Brand
The challenge in front of us was to design a strategy wherein all the below objectives were to be covered

1. To reach to the existing & prospective Associates of AG AQUA SOLUTIONS

2. To enhance visibility of AG AQUA SOLUTIONS products among customers who are willing to implement water saving products

3. To highlight kupple waterless urinals

4. To create a good brand visibility of AG AQUA SOLUTIONS in competition with big brands already fighting for the Market Share

The Idea:
During the PR Activity we discovered that AG Aqua has products which are not environment friendly but pocket friendly as well and that huge awareness need to be created regarding the product thereby urging people to use such products which could save water in huge amount.

News releases were prepared for the introduction of Kupple waterless urinals. Also, stories were prepared around water saving initiatives.

Impact till now
• Kupple waterless urinals are a known product now
• AG AQUA SOLUTIONS has emerged as one of the most environment friendly Brand
• Enhanced Brand Visibility among Customers
• Credibility of Brand improved in the Market
• Enhanced networking

PR Approach

In the unique blend and diversity of messaging ideas we choose to segregate and focus on your appropriate visibility in the media broadly based on a two pronged strategy. If broadly outlined we monitor and assort all such opportunities which are related to your....

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