As coined and designated as Corporate Citizenship or Corporate Conscience it is a corporate discipline integrated into the corporate business model. CSR happens to be the doctrine of a companies’ compliance with the ethics, national and international standards and the law. Indeed the corporates have to look beyond the economic and legal obligations and act responsibly towards multiple stake holders and society at large. In the current scenario failure to do so may threaten their very legitimacy to operate. The search for a balance between the interests of multiple stakeholders and profitability, fuelled by publics’ rising expectations of the social obligations of corporations, has paved the way for the global spread of the CSR movement.

This underlies the importance to initiate & highlight the credibility of any organization in terms of its social participation. As a PR initiative our objective is to attract the attention of our stake holders and to the society at large on all such practices that our clients undertake while contributing to the cause of society through strategic media coverage.

PR Approach

In the unique blend and diversity of messaging ideas we choose to segregate and focus on your appropriate visibility in the media broadly based on a two pronged strategy. If broadly outlined we monitor and assort all such opportunities which are related to your....

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