A Catharsis to my soul

It has been an eternal quest to create a divine biosphere where in human beings can feel the vibrant energy surrounding themselves, so that they can comprehend their inner-self towards enlightenment, escaping from the real world, unperturbed by their unstable mind from the worldly things. To initiate a soul searching and control our unstable and itinerant mind we keep wondering for a place where nature’s own panacea is boasting of its extraordinary but most enviable itinerary. I have always fancied my solitary presence in a small hut at a hill top, opulent with lush greenery all over, with the occident embracing my mangy and mortally fatigued body and soul, providing a therapeutic panacea and slowly liberating me into the world of inner consciousness and enlightenment.

In addition to Nature’s own magnificence due importance has always been given to the spiritual environment which is being created at the time of spiritual affectation so as to generate the much needed energy levels required for a perfect concentration. For decades incense has been considered as the creator of mystic mood and an integral part of the spiritual environment. Be it any temple, any ashram, any yoga-shivir or even a small temple at any corner of a house you will find Haridarshan’s incense sticks and dhoop which has a unique fragrance of creating a magical environment.

I can still remember our family pundit reaching my home temple early morning and using Haridarshan incense sticks (three to four in no.) to create the most sacred and energetic environment and just by the fragrance of the sticks I used to believe that the Pundit has come for the spiritual ostentation. Fragrance of Incense sticks and temple bell has a strong correlation in Indian culture and both of them can’t be separated from any of them. Many of the remarkable spiritual destinations in India i.e. Akshardham Temple, Bodhgaya, Iskcon temple, Lotus temple, Kalka Temple etc. make use of incense sticks/Dhoop to create a mystic environment so that all the pilgrim can relate themselves to spirituality and move towards self-realization. Even when I used to visit ashrams and Yoga shivir use of Haridarshan incense sticks and dhoop were predominant, thus creating an environment much needed for meditation and spiritual pretension.

Relating Haridarshan Sevashram to the environment which leads towards self-realization and help relate oneself to the spiritual world full of fragrances has become a trend and every sacred work initiates with Haridarshan’s mystic incense sticks and paste – as if a soulful offering canonize the realm of religious harmony.

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